Science Communication


I believe that we as scientists have a responsibility to communicate our science to non-scientists. I also believe that we need to inspire and enthuse young people to become more curious about science and the world around them.
To this end, I run outreach activities focused on tectonics and building stability during earthquakes. I have also volunteered my time to teach children about fossils, rocks and Earth history.

One of my earthquake outreach activities.
Invited / Public Lectures:
  • The Ignorance Project: What do you ‘really’ know about the world?, presented at:
    • The Sedgwick Club, University of Cambridge – Feb 2016
    • Geology for Global Development Student Chapter – Imperial College London, Nov 2015
    • Geology for Global Development Student Chapter – University of Leeds, Sept 2015
    • Practical Initiatives student group, University of Leeds – Apr 2015
  • Istanbul: On the Brink of a Mega-Disaster, presented at:
    • Greenhead 6th Form College – Mar 2016
    • Scarborough 6th Form College – Feb 2016
    • Craven and Pendle Geological Society – Oct 2015
    • The East Midlands Geological Society – March 2015
    • The Open University, Walton Hall branch – March 2014
    • RocSoc, University of Leeds – March 2014
    • University of Derby – Feb 2014
    • The Open University, Nottingham branch – Dec 2013
  • Death by Corruption, presented at:
    • Pembroke College, University of Cambridge – Nov 2014
    • RocSoc, University of Leeds – Oct 2
  • Understanding earthquake cycle deformation: Can we save Istanbul?, presented at:
    • RocSoc, University of Leeds – April 2013
  • Hazardous Earth: How our planet is trying to kill us …, presented at:
    • The Stokes Society, Pembroke College, University of Cambridge – March 2012

Check out my Speakezee profile for details of these talks.

I’m A Scientist, get me out of here

I participated (and won) in the June 2014 event of “I’m A Scientist, get me out of here”. This is major science outreach event held over a two week period where young school students can ask a panel of scientists any question they like while the scientists try to answer them.

Students can ask questions in intense Live Chat sessions with the scientists and/or post questions on the group profile, which the scientists answer in their own time. Students then vote for their favourite scientist. The last scientist remaining wins £500 to spend on an outreach activity of their choice.

I was the winning scientist in the Barium Zone, a general science zone aimed at primary school students (aged 7-11).

Radio Presenter: Natural World on Leeds Student Radio

The Natural World was a show on Leeds Student Radio aired regularly during term time on Saturday.
Together with co-presenter Emma Caton, we talked about the latest research news, ideas and events concerning all things about the world we live on. We covered topics from wildlife and ecology to the natural forces that shape our planet such as earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes etc.



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