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Obama reveals “biggest, most important step” towards tackling climate change

President_Barack_Obama“I believe there is such a thing as being too late.”
– President Obama

Yesterday President Obama unveiled his “biggest, most important step” towards tackling the affects of climate change,

The proposed Clean Power Plan has been billed as the strongest action ever on climate change by a US president.

According to the proposed plans, the U.S. will cut levels of greenhouse gas emissions to a third of 2005 levels in the next 15 years. The measures include significant advancements in solar, wind and other renewable energy sources.

Key points of Obama's Clean Power Plan
Key points of Obama’s Clean Power Plan

“No challenge poses a greater threat to our future, and future generations than a changing climate.”
– President Obama

White House adviser Brian Deese said the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules represented the “biggest step that any single president has made to curb the carbon pollution that is fuelling climate change”

The full press conference can be viewed here:

More information:
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