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Typhoon Soudelor rages across Western Pacific

Key News:

  • Typhoon Soudelor has been underdoing rapid growth and intensification during the last few days over the Western Pacific ocean.
  • Winds of 170 kph (105 mph) were reported on Saipan as the eye of the storm passed over the island late Sunday night.
  • The typhoon is currently heading west towards the southern tip of the large island nations Japan and Taiwan.
  • There are tens of smaller populous islands in the wake of the storm.
  • Soudelor will continue to strengthen while it crosses the northern Philippines Sea on its way towards eastern Asia.
  • This year’s record-breaking North Pacific typhoon season has been strongly influenced by the strengthening El-Nino conditions.
Projected trajectory of typhoon Soudelor. Source: AccuWeather.com
Projected trajectory of typhoon Soudelor. Source: AccuWeather.com

More information:
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