The World's Most Toxic Countries For Air Pollution

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Mapping Deaths Per 100k From Air Pollution

We analysed the WHO's ambient air pollution death rate (per 100k population) and created this map to illustrate the data. The most toxic countries are highlighted in red, with the lowest death rates highlighted green, and blue as the intermediate colour.

The most toxic country is Chad with a death rate per 100k population of 5,303. The next highest countries are Niger, Nigeria, Somalia, and the Central African Republic with rates of 4,072, 4,045, 3,653, and 3,007 respectively.

The least toxic country in the world is New Zealand with a much lower rate of death of 241 per 100,000 people. In second place are the Maldives with 245, then Brunei with 251, followed by Canada's 272, and finally in fifth place, Iceland with a rate of 273.